Professional Teeth Whitening

At North Leeds Dental Clinic we use Boutique Whitening, there are multiple options available for patients, but Archway Dental Group our Dentists know that our patients want the optimum results with very little fuss.

The only people that can prescribe Boutique Teeth whitening is our expert Dentists. We will guide you through your journey at each step to obtain your new brighter smile.

The dentists takes an accurate impression of your teeth using our ITERO scanner, you will then be prescribed day and night gel to apply. You won’t be disappointed with the results achieved, the new brighter smile will bring great confidence that you won’t be disappointed with.

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Our Dentists will ensure we are on hard to help and guide throughout your journey. This will ensure your treatment is safe and effective. Take a look at our smile gallery to see the amazing results.

Professional Teeth Whitening Leeds

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0113 2683137

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