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Questions & Responses

Q - Maureen C. (Knaresborough)

"Why is there such a large price range in your Price List for a set of Dentures?"

A - Dr Paul Leslie (Dentist) North Leeds Dental

"Our denture prices reflect several factors which would be agreed in advance between the Dentist and Patient; these include aesthetic issues and also the quality of the artificial teeth and gumwork used. Whichever are selected, the fit of the dentures and usability remains of the same quality."

Q - Mike T. (Leeds)

"You mention in your web site that emergency treatment costs £75; what does that include?"

A - Dr Richard Levine (Dentist) North Leeds Dental

"£75 is the fee for any necessary examination, tests (including xrays) and treatment. This could include pain relief, temporary crown making and fitting, temporary filling, and of course local anaesthetic where appropriate. Should we not be able to offer an agreeable treatment there would be no charge".

Q - Ross Richards (Leeds)

 "I drink a lot of coffee and tea and my girlfriend says its staining my teeth, what can I do?"

A - Dr Richard Levine (Dentist) North Leeds Dental

"Stop drinking so much coffee, and/or consider a tooth whitening treatment to lighten the body colour of your teeth. if you continue to drink coffee and tea you may need to repeat the treatment every few years. Superficial staining may be removed by a dental scale and polish. "

Q - Andrea (Harrogate)
"My husband's breath smells terrible; will a dental scaling help?"

A - Dr Richard Levine (Dentist) North Leeds Dental

"There are many causes of Halitosis (Bad Breath), dental infection being one of them. A dental examination may reveal the cause, but if not then it will have eliminated a possible culprit."

Q - Susan M. (Leeds)

"My son is now three years old; at what age should he start coming to the Dentist for regular Check Ups?"

A - Dr Richard Levine (Dentist) North Leeds Dental

"The sooner the better! To start with why not let him sit on your knee whilst you have your Dental Check Up? That way he will see that visiting the Dental Surgery is a normal event with fun chairs that go up and down"

Q- Adrian T. (Sheffield)

"How often should I bring my 5 year old twins for a dental check-up?"

A- Dr Paul Leslie (Dentist) North Leeds Dental

"Your Dentist will decide a suitable Dental Exam interval, based on the child's rate of decay, pattern of teeth eruption/alignment etc."

Q- Ryan (Leeds)

"hw much is it for a filling to be redone"

A - Dr Richard Levine (Dentist) North Leeds Dental

"(Ryan, if we did the filling within the last 12 months then a replacement is usually free. ) Fillings/holes in teeth vary so greatly that it really is necessary to come into the Clinic to see a Dentist for a price."

Q- Mahi (Leeds)

"i am having pain in my gum an teeth when i am eating somethin and if dont take out anything from teeth after eatig if it stick in there wht should i do now"

A- Dr Richard Levine (Dentist) North Leeds Dental

"Hello Mahi,

Thanks for your question regarding a dental issue. It sounds like one or more of your teeth have possibly decayed or broken away. Such a diagnosis would need to be confirmed by a dentist during a proper examination.

If you have a dentist I would suggest arranging an examination as soon as possible. If you would like to attend our Clinic then ring Karen on 0113 2683137."

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